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#1 Constructing the panels

#1 Constructing the panels

To the left, a 19.5 " X 12.5" frame was constructed with supports. To the right, linen canvas has been stretched and stapled over the frame.

I'll be demonstrating the process involved with creating a custom mural. This particular project is for a woman in Wellesley, MA. I've been working with this client for a number of years and enjoy each project. The work is always interesting and developed to fit into the intricate way she's creating a home environment for her and her family.

A series of folding panels/screens will be constructed and painted to be used as window treatments for her basement. Like most basement windows, there's a wide ledge where these panels will be displayed. They'll serve as a functional piece of art as they provide privacy for the windows.

The subject of this mural is Bowerbirds, which happen to be the most interesting birds I've known! When research began on this species of birds, I came across a blog entry from a fellow plush maker on etsy who is also studying zoology, Bridgette, aka Weird Bug Lady. She gives a fine intro to the Bowerbird, so go here and enjoy!

Then there's the classic David Attenborough

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